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R13B04 Add lock profiling tool: lcnt

February 11th, 2010

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在调试版本下 这个工具可以直观的看出你的Erlang程序所用到的锁,对于诊断问题和提高性能非常有帮助.

OTP-8424 Add lock profiling tool.

The Lock profiling tool, lcnt, can make use of the internal lock
statistics when the runtime system is built with this feature

This provides a mechanism to examine potential lock bottlenecks
within the runtime itself.

– Add erts_debug:lock_counters({copy_save, bool()}). This option
enables or disables statistics saving for destroyed processes and
ets-tables. Enabling this might consume a lot of memory.

– Add id-numbering for lock classes which is otherwise undefined.

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