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March 17th, 2011 8 comments

原创文章,转载请注明: 转载自系统技术非业余研究

本文链接地址: 推介xz高压缩率算法


The version .38 kernel comes with a library for decompressing XZ, a format developed from LZMA and known for its high levels of compression. This library is the basis not only for SquashFS, which now also offers XZ, but also for code that allows the kernel to unpack any parts of itself and of the initial ram disks (initrds) that were compressed with XZ.

觉得比较好奇, Linux下有那么多的压缩算法, 为什么要用这个, 它有什么过人之处? 今天深入了解了下xz, 顺便作了简单的benchmark体验了下.
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