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January 16th, 2013 8 comments

原创文章,转载请注明: 转载自系统技术非业余研究

本文链接地址: Likwid-高性能服务器开发不可缺少的工具箱


通常我们需要了解系统的CPU拓扑结构,内存使用情况,各种CPU性能计数器的数字,各种CPU Cache的使用情况,命中率等等信息,这些信息有效的结合在一起才能准确的分析出我们程序的缺陷,从而找到更好的优化点。 通常这些信息是散落在系统的各个地方,对于普通的开发人员很难汇总起来,形成合力。



Likwid项目的地址在这里。 根据主页的上的描述:

Likwid stands for Like I knew what I am doing. This project contributes easy to use command line tools for Linux to support programmers in developing high performance multi threaded programs.

It contains the following tools:

likwid-topology: Show the thread and cache topology
likwid-perfctr: Measure hardware performance counters on Intel and AMD processors
likwid-features: Show and Toggle hardware prefetch control bits on Intel Core 2 processors
likwid-pin: Pin your threaded application without touching your code (supports pthreads, Intel OpenMP and gcc OpenMP)
likwid-bench: Benchmarking framework allowing rapid prototyping of threaded assembly kernels
likwid-mpirun: Script enabling simple and flexible pinning of MPI and MPI/threaded hybrid applications
likwid-perfscope: Frontend for likwid-perfctr timeline mode. Allows live plotting of performance metrics.
likwid-powermeter: Tool for accessing RAPL counters and query Turbo mode steps on Intel processor.
likwid-memsweeper: Tool to cleanup ccNUMA memory domains.
Likwid stands out because:

No kernel patching, any vanilla linux 2.6 or newer kernel works
Transparent, always clear which events are chosen, event tags have the same naming as in documentation
Lightweight, LIKWID tries to add no overhead and keeps out of your way.
Easy to use, simple to build, no need to touch your code, configurable from outside. Clear CLI interface.
Multiplatform, likwid supports Intel and AMD processors
Up to date, likwid tries to fully support new processors as soon as possible
Extensible, you can add functionality by means of simple text files


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