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GLIBC 2.16 支持systemtap静态检查点

July 1st, 2012 4 comments

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本文链接地址: GLIBC 2.16 支持systemtap静态检查点

刚@淘宝雕梁 告诉我 GLIBC 2.16 支持systemtap静态检查点,消息源在这里, 摘抄相关部分如下:

* New configure option –enable-systemtap builds SystemTap static probes
into libc for setjmp and longjmp and into libpthread for various operations.
So far the setjmp/longjmp probes and some of the libpthread probes are
provided only for i*86 and x86_64.
Implemented by Roland McGrath and Rayson Ho.

目前主要是在setjmp/longjmp和pthread相关的锁操作,而且只支持 i*86 and x86_64 平台。我们到源码验证下:
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