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ProcessOne releases OneCached 很好的学习Erlang的材料

July 27th, 2010 2 comments

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July 05, 2010
ProcessOne has just released OneCached, a Memcached server and client implementation written in Erlang.
OneCached is released under the Erlang Public License (EPL),.

OneCached supports the set, add, replace, get, incr, decr, delete, flush_all and quit commands. It doesn’t handle expiration time.

You call pull the source code from the public repository at:

git clone git://

To compile, just run make, and to start, just type:
bin/onecachedctl start

这个项目是非常简单的一个memcached的模仿, 亮点在于底层用ets, dest, mnesia这样的erlang特有的存储。这个项目的意义在于演示了如何编写一个严肃的Erlang工程,以及需要掌握的技能。对于初学者来讲,这是很好的一个切入点。 你可以在上面修修改改, 打造出你自己的版本。


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