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December 2nd, 2010 6 comments

原创文章,转载请注明: 转载自系统技术非业余研究

本文链接地址: 例证NIF使用的误区

NIF是什么? A NIF library contains native implementation of some functions of an Erlang module.

Avoid doing lengthy work in NIF calls as that may degrade the responsiveness of the VM. NIFs are called directly by the same scheduler thread that executed the calling Erlang code. The calling scheduler will thus be blocked from doing any other work until the NIF returns

导致了非常严重的设计问题. 比如在NIF里面调用mysql client api, 作费时的IO操作等等, 我已经看到好几个同学这么干了,为了揭示这个问题的严重性, davisp同学为我们写了个例子来演示这个问题: 代码在这里

Sleepy – A misbehaving NIF
This demonstrates what happens if a NIF takes a long time and is called from as many schedulers as exist in the VM. Namely, that the VM is halted until the NIF functions return.

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